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April 2008 E-newsletter

YWLC Spring Happenings
by Nicole ClarkPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
Members of the Young Women's Leadership Council (YWLC) met in New York (PEP Headquarters!) for our 2008 Winter Convening. We always share a lot of ideas, personal stories, aspirations, and food at our Convenings, and this Convening was no different.

Abstinence is the New Feminism (and other things I learned at Harvard)
by Shelby KnoxPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
The chastity movement has grown up and gone off to college, which is no wonder, really, since legislators recently decided to focus attention and federal money on keeping unmarried adults abstaining until at least their 29th birthday. The members of Harvard's True Love Revolution, a campus chastity club, are the newest crusaders on the celibacy bandwagon.

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