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Pregnancy Options

Deciding what to do when you're pregnant is a very personal decision, and every woman has a different set of circumstances that influence her choice. Check out the "questions and answers about abortion" for information about what an abortion is and what to expect.

If you're looking for help making a decision about whether or not to continue a pregnancy, check out the "Pregnancy Options Workbook." It can help you think through your decision and provide resources for whatever option you choose.

Perspectives on Parenting and Giving Birth
This section provides a Q & A about parenting and giving birth as well as perspectives on different kinds of parenting.

Questions and Answers About Abortion
There are a lot of myths floating around about abortion. PEP provides accurate information about the abortion procedure, what to expect, and lots of resources to help you make a decision or access more information.

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Pregnancy Options
Emergency Contraception (the Morning-After Pill)