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YWLC Spring Happenings

by Nicole ClarkPEP Young Women's Leadership Council

Members of the Young Women's Leadership Council (YWLC) met in New York (PEP Headquarters!) for our 2008 Winter Convening. We always share a lot of ideas, personal stories, aspirations, and food at our Convenings, and this Convening was no different. We learned a lot, from what men are doing in the reproductive justice movement, tips on how to be more knowledgeable on transgender issues (and how to be a trans ally), techniques for leadership development, and we had an awesome time supporting PEP staff at Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen: the Soup Kitchen for the Hip Hop Soul.

We as the YWLC were focused this Convening on strengthening ourselves to be a better advisory board for PEP staff as well as getting to know each other better and sharing our expectations for the YWLC. We shared ideas about other campaigns and activities the YWLC can do as an entity outside of PEP as well as better ways to create more lasting bonds. We've decided to develop more structure by delegating more responsibilities (writing for the website, attending conference calls, finding more ways to assist PEP with its latest research on African American/Black, Latina, and Asian American/Pacific Islander young women (as a follow-up to She Speaks) ) as well as thinking about how we can create more bonding opportunities.

We're excited about some of our upcoming projects, including reproductive justice cards on topics like HIV, abortion, and LBGTQ rights (among many others, so stay tuned!) and writing articles for the new PEP website. We also appointed Council member Nondace to become a co-chair along with myself.

Apart from all the great work, we had a lot of downtime to hang out, walk around Times Square, and eat a lot (If you ever get to experience PEP, you'll see that besides organizing around social justice and reproductive justice, we just eat a lot of food.)

We're looking forward to attending the Summer Convening in August, and we're excited that it will be somewhere other than New York. In the meantime, we'll keep working hard and will let you all know about what we're doing!

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