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November 2009 E-Newsletter

Reflections on Stupak, the RJ Movement, and Feminism
by Bianca VelezPEP Program Assistant
A few weeks ago, I attended the Day of Action against the Stupak Amendment with my organization, the Pro-Choice Public Education Project (PEP). We rode on a bus organized by the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH), with colleagues I already knew, Twitter friends whose faces were now connected to their online personas, and allies fighting for immigration rights.

Where Are The Young People?
In the wake of the Stupak Amendment, which would ban coverage for abortion as part of health care reform, we are reminded of the fragile hold we have on our bodies and our lives. If Stupak is passed, young women in particular face immediate threats to their health and rights:

Announcing Our Five New Young Women's Leadership Council Members
The Young Women's Leadership Council is very excited to announce that we have accepted five new members onto our council. We conducted an intensive recruitment process over the summer months, and in the end, we chose five amazing young women who add a variety of perspectives and experiences to our current council.

From Bella to Sookie: A Look at Female Sexuality in Vampire Series
by Willo RadgensPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
We know by now that the media can influence how young people think and feel on a topic. So in this issue where we examine pop culture, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how a couple of the women in literature influencing young people today are portrayed in regards to their sexuality.

Vampire Men – Is That What We’re Looking For?
by Nondace GarrettPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
As the premiere of New Moon approaches, I can't help but marvel at the recent vampire craze. The vampire theme seems to be everywhere! Women of all ages, me included, are counting down the days, the moments until we can see Edward Cullen in all his sparkling glory on the big screen again.

My Love Affair with Pop Culture or: How I Can’t Wait for New Moon
by Lani BlechmanPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
I spent quite a few years actively rejecting popular culture. I embraced listening to alternative radio stations, dressing in alternative ways, being oblivious to the newest blockbuster hit movies.

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