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May 2009 E-Newsletter

PEP's Young Women's Leadership Council is Looking for New Members!
The Young Women's Leadership Council of the Pro-Choice Public Education Project is seeking new members to continue its mission to be the voice and raise the voices of diverse young women in the sexual and reproductive justice movements.

Exploring Alternative Methods of Birth Control
by Nondace GarrettPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
When I think about self-care many elements that are crucial to my health come to mind Ė working out, eating right, ensuring I have ample relaxation and alone time, etc. Another extremely important element in my life is preventing pregnancy. As a young woman in my 20ís, itís never something that is too far from mind.

Yoga: Meditation for the Mind, Body, and Spirit
by Lindsay SwisherPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
Last semester, I had the opportunity to take a Yoga class twice a week. I heard lots of people talking about the benefits of yoga: flexibility, energy, peace. I shrugged it off as too much of a low-impact exercise. Whatís the point of exercise if I donít leave the gym feeling sweaty and exhausted? However, after just a few weeks in the class I was hooked!

Take Care of Yourself!
by Nicole ClarkPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
The Pro-Choice Public Education Project (PEP) is dedicated to helping young women become more empowered. Although PEP is primarily focused on sexual and reproductive justice issues, the mission of PEP goes way beyond how we as young women take care of our sexual and reproductive health.

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