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PEP Ad Campaigns

Hot Like Fire: Creative Ways to Use PEP's Ads
Check out some of the ways that PEP's ads have been used to raise awareness about important reproductive justice issues.

Download posters, fliers and stickers from our campaign that reflects messages developed using the findings of our new research around young African American and Latina women in the US.

Campus Handouts
Sassy and easy to reproduce, these ads are designed for distribution on campuses. The flyers read like school notices and equate losing reproductive health options with the loss of other options as a student.

Outdoor Posters
These bold posters are designed to look like typical city ordinances. On the ads, statements challenging basic rights invoke outrage at the absurdity of losing existing essential human rights.

Subway and Metro Ads
PEP has two series of ads originally designed for use as subway and metro ads. The first features images of the perilous choices faced by women seeking abortion before legalization in the US. The second uses thought-provoking images to illustrate the potential impact of restrictions on reproductive rights.

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