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February 2010 E-Newsletter

News and events from the Pro-Choice Public Education Project

What's New at PEP?
As we move into 2010, all of us at PEP have been working hard to take advantage of recent organizational changes and increase our ability to raise the voices of young people around reproductive and sexual health and rights.

Council Conversations
Get to know members of the Young Women's Leadership Council in this regular feature. In this issue, Council members and February News Editors, Myra Duran and Lani Blechman get personal and deep - and maybe even share a little advice.

Power of the People
by Myra Duran, PEP Young Women's Leadership Council
“Power of the People” “No Cuts, No Fees, Education should be FREE!” and “Si Se Puede!” were some of the anthems that penetrated the air during the UC Walkout protests that took place on November 18th and 19th 2009 at the UCLA campus.

Raise Your Voice...about Immigration!
This feature is back! As immigration reform looms on the political horizon, Council is getting a head start on raising up why and how an immigration reform needs to happen now! We hope our visions and experiences will inspire you to raise your voice too

Reproductive INjustice: Immigration, Birthing, and the Prison System
by Mia Giardina, PEP Young Women's Leadership Council
As immigration becomes increasingly criminalized in the United States and undocumented immigrant women face greater threats of incarceration and state violence, undocumented mothers lose control over their births and bodies.

Imagining Reproductive Justice
Reproductive justice is not just about words on a piece of paper. It's about imagining and creating. Council is excited to introduce this new feature where we will explore the creative side of Reproductive Justice. In this issue, Adrian Catão (a friend of PEP), offers an illustrated commentary on Guatemala's recent declaration that 12 years of adoption were actually abductions.

Notes from a Departing Council Member
by Lauren Mitchell, PEP Young Women's Leadership Council
I'm grateful to have been a part of the Council, to have worked on the Reproductive Justice Cards and On Our Terms research campaign, and to be a part of a community that I will continually reach back to.

Connecting the Dots: Immigrant Rights and Reproductive Justice
by Courtney HooksPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
"Immigrant rights and reproductive justice are intrinsically linked because the reproductive health of immigrant women is profoundly affected by immigration policy." --Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas & Aishia Glasford, National Latina Insititute for Reproductive Health

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