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Hot Like Fire: Creative Ways to Use PEP's Ads

Check out some of the ways organizations, coalitions and individuals across the country are using PEP's ads for outreach and public education efforts.

  • In Minnesota, the Pro-Choice Education Coalition (PCEC) formed and later conducted an extensive media campaign to raise pro-choice awareness using PEP's ads in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

  • College students have put PEP posters in their rooms, hallways, even bathrooms!

  • The Freedom of Choice Ohio coalition ran PEP's ads in two cinemas before movies in Westerville. The cinemas are located near the Ohio State University and Capital University campuses.

  • Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in Reno used PEP's ads for invitations to its annual Roe v. Wade brunch: The Next Generation's Ladder to Access.

  • Students at the University of Louisville, with the help of ACLU of Kentucky, ran a PEP ad in its campus paper and posted flyers using PEP's ads throughout the campus.

  • SafeSpace, a community center for homeless teens in New York city, used PEP's ads to spark discussion about reproductive health issues in a Life Skills class.

  • Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey produced coasters using PEP's ads, which were distributed to bars and restaurants in New Jersey.

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  • ­­ Planned Parenthood Federation of America turned one of our ads into an e card for use online.

Other creative ideas include:

  • Make pro-choice T-shirts, by printing an ad from onto iron-on transfer paper (about $10, available at a stationery store).

  • Make pro-choice calendars at a copy center such as Kinko's. (Don't forget to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, January 22nd!)

  • Make mix cds or tapes for choice, and use a PEP ad for the covers. Or, if you've got a bit more money at your disposal, put them on postcards, stationary, buttons, shopping bags, mo­use pads, and tickets to youth events.

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  • Put the posters up around your neighborhood: beauty and nail salons, gyms, women's clothing stores, mall kiosks, locker rooms, bus stations, community centers, concert venues, coffee houses, book stores, and bathrooms at bars and restaurants.

Have you used PEP's ads in a creative way? Email [email protected]  and tell us about it!

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Hot Like Fire: Creative Ways to Use PEP's Ads
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