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Subway and Metro Ads

An abandoned car, a back alley, a filthy bathroom: these were the perilous choices of women seeking abortion before legalization in the US. This is the reality we face should women lose the right to choose. These ads depict haunting reminders of why we cannot allow anti-choice forces to turn back the clock on reproductive rights.

You can also download images from PEP's previous ad campaigns that use thought-provoking images to raise awareness about attacks on reproductive rights.

Abortion Clinic

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Operating Room

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Patient Recovery Area

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 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men.

100% of them will never be pregnant.

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 Pick a boyfriend.  Not having a choice sucks, doesn't it? Well, being pregnant and not having a choice would suck even more.

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­Think you can do whatever you want with your body? Think again.


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Of all the things from the 70's to make a comeback, there's one we really hate to see.

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