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Strategic Planning Resources

In 2009, PEP began a strategic planning process to help us figure out who we are, what we do and where we belong. We came away with not only a sense of identity and belonging, but a renewed commitment to working with young people to achieve a more just world. At the core of our plan is a determination to shift power and resources into the hands of some of the most under-resourced and under-recognized communities of young people in our movement. To raise the amazing work and contributions young people are making to their communities and to support them in doing even more. To continue to raise the voices of those young people most marginalized so that they have the ability to lead safe and healthy lives on their terms. Our mission, vision, values and goals over the next three years will bring PEP closer to creating a reproductive justice movement in which young people are at the helm.

Many strategic plans are developed in partnership with consultants and represent a significant investment of time and financial resources. As a small non-profit, PEP decided that we would complete as much of the strategic planning process as we could without outside help. To do that, we turned to online resources as well as colleagues in the movement to help us determine what we needed to know in order to create a strategic plan. We then created a series of documents and guiding questions in order to assess our current programs, strengths, and areas for improvement.

If you are interested in undertaking your own strategic planning process, you are welcome to use the templates we created for your own purposes.

Templates available for download as Microsoft Word documents - click the title to download.

  1. Unmet Needs Scan - to identify the needs of your constituency
  2. Stakeholder Feedback - to identify what your allies and colleagues think about your organization and your work.
  3. Movement Organization Scan - to identify what other tools and resources are being provided to your constituency or within your scope of practice.
  4. Program Evaluation - to determine the effectiveness of current programs and evaluate which programs should be maintained, expanded or discontinued.
  5. Policy Scan - to identify current policy and future trends for policy in your issue area.
  6. Funder Questions - to better understand your relationships with funders, and how they view your programs and role in the movement.

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