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She Speaks!

In 2004, PEP conducted a series of focus groups with young African-American and Latina women in order to capture their unique and essential perspectives on reproductive rights and health. You can read the introduction, executive summary, and methodology online, and download a pdf of the entire report. You can also download our "Recognize" campaign materials that were developed using the results of our research.

Hard copies of the report may be requested by emailing [email protected]

Over the past several years, we have experienced an assault on reproductive rights like no other. The Bush Administration and the anti-choice majority Congress have unleashed a focused and consistent strategy that strikes from all sides

Executive Summary
Everyday, women of color struggle to lead healthy lives. Lack of health insurance, economic disparities and other factors make it more difficult for Latino and African-American women to access critical reproductive health services.

Information about the recruitment of participants, research methods, data analysis, focus groups characteristics, and limitations.

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She Speaks!