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What We Do

PEP is a national reproductive justice organization that works to engage and inform organizations, young women, transgender and gender non-conforming young people, ages 16-25, especially those whose voices are not heard in spaces where sexual and reproductive health and rights are addressed. We do this through research, leadership development, movement building, and changing the conversation by raising unheard voices.

In 2009, PEP engaged in a strategic planning process to help us figure out who we are, what we do and where we belong. The planning process resulted in a renewed commitment to working with young people to achieve a more just world. At the core of our plan is a determination to shift power and resources into the hands of some of the most under-resourced and under-recognized communities of young people in our movement. To raise the amazing work and contributions young people are making to their communities and to support them in doing even more. To continue to raise the voices of those young people most marginalized so that they have the ability to lead safe and healthy lives on their terms. Our mission, vision, values and goals over the next three years will bring PEP closer to creating a reproductive justice movement in which young people are at the helm.

You can read our entire strategic plan by downloading a pdf below, or click on a section to learn more about the strategies we use to achieve our mission, our vision, and our values.

Our Vision and Values
PEP is working to create a society where all young people have access to the resources they need to live healthy and empowered lives. PEP works to ensure that young women, transgender and gender non-conforming young people are represented and play leadership roles where their lives intersect with sexual and reproductive health and rights.

PEP conducts research which gathers the voices and concerns of young women, transgender, and gender non-conforming young people, related to PEPís reproductive justice priority issue areas. We also create programs and tools that are guided and informed by the data that this research yields.

Leadership Development
PEP works to build the leadership of young women, transgender, and gender non-conforming young people within PEP and in the reproductive justice movement.

Movement Building
At PEP, we are working to build an inclusive and holistic reproductive justice movement. We do this by collaborating with reproductive justice organizations and other aligned movements to prioritize the voices of young women, transgender, and gender non-conforming young people.

Changing the Conversation By Raising Unheard Voices
PEP works to change the cultural conversation about reproductive and sexual health and rights by raising the voices of young women of color, low-income young women, transgender and gender non-conforming young people, and pregnant and parenting young people.

Strategic Planning Resources
PEP created a series of templates for our strategic planning process in order to facilitate our understanding of where we'd been and where we want to go. In this section there is more information about our process, downloadable versions of our templates, and links to more resources.

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