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Meet the Riders

A native of Richmond, Missouri, and a minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Rev. Rebecca Turner has been Executive Director of the Missouri Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice for 7 years. Her work with clergy, students, counseling, and public policy have been featured in Time Magazine, on PBS "Religion and Ethics Newsweekly", on CNN "Anderson Cooper 360", and in three documentaries. She has three adult children and is an avid hiker and cyclist.

Stacey Middleton is not very good at riding a bike. Raised in Texas, she received her BA from the University of Texas at Austin.In 2005, she moved to Baltimore, Maryland to teach elementary school as a corps member with Teach for America. Before hitting the road with the Wanderlust posse, she will complete her MA in Teaching at Johns Hopkins University.As a proud Baltimore City teacher, Stacey is eager to explore ways to broaden her impact as a feminist, and an activist for educational equity.She also loves cheese.

Kathleen Adams is a native of Shaker Heights, Ohio who now considers herself a "native New Yorker". Kathleen is the Program Intern at PEP (Pro-Choice Public Education Project) and serves on Advocates for Youth's Young Women of Color Leadership Council (YWOC). As a member of the YWOC Kathleen works to include and empower other young women of color in the fight to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Kathleen is an undergraduate student at Fordham University majoring in a mixture of Women's studies and Latin American studies with a pre-architecture foundation. She is one of the authors of Teen Sisters' Health-A Black Girl's Wellness Guide for Mind, Body, & Spirit. In her free time Kathleen dances on a hip hop team and volunteers in NYC as a member of the New York Junior League.

Elisa Dolowich is a California native and recent graduate of University of California at Santa Barbara in Global Studies, with minors in Women, Culture and Development and Italian Studies. In her studies she focused on women's rights and access to healthcare all over the world. During the last year she has been living in Oakland, California, spending some time working at a homeless residence center for families and an eco-conscious and art-friendly cafe. Her interests for the future revolve around reproductive rights, public health policies, travel, and finding connections between the three.

Nora Dye is thrilled to be combining her two passions, exploring the world and the ways people are advocating for reproductive justice and riding her bike. She is currently a graduate student at NYU studying the Politics of Sexual Freedom and she is also the Senior Program Coordinator at PEP. Last summer, she took a solo bicycle trip from New Jersey to San Francisco called Wanderlust: A coast to coast exploration of politics, sex, and culture. On her journey she met with and listened to advocates, sexuality educators, and others who are working for reproductive autonomy and combating negative images of female sexuality. More information about her trip can be found at Wanderlust with Rhonda.

Megumi likes to consider herself a Tokyoite, but she's spent the last four years in St. Paul attending college and she has come of age as a Nikkei Minnesotan. She is at her happiest when she get to eat a good bowl of noodles while she has conversations of substance. She will graduate from college in the coming few weeks and she plans to move out east to Philly.

Heather Ault is a graduate student in the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she is developing visual narratives about the 4000 year history of contraception and abortion. She is passionate about using new media for social justice and reproductive health education! Other past experiences of hers include fundraising for pro-choice organizations, teaching at a community
college, developing web sites and graphic design, creating medical multimedia about fetal imaging, and working on grassroots political campaigns. Heather lives in a co-op house with a bunch of wonderful people and loves to West African dance!

Paris Hatcher is a passionate, radical activist dedicated to working for a world safe for girls and women. Her activism is based in an intersectional approach which validates the lived experience and challenges all systemic oppression. Paris's activist interest focuses on women, in particular movements, such as reproductive justice, racial justice and equity, ending sexual violence and violence against women, lgbtq communities of color and globalization. She currently serves as the co-Executive Director of SPARK! Reproductive Justice NOW, a statewide coalition that works to promote reproductive justice in Georgia.

Heather Mooney was born in Richmond, Virginia brought up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay a vegetarian and with a satisfaction to sweat from hard work or heat. Traveling, camping and new experiences excite and expand Heather's mind. Her best summer job ever was working for the United States Postal Service as a mail carrier. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2004. Heather was co-coordinator of EMU Students for Choice as well as co-captain of the Michigan Radical Cheerleaders in 2003 and 2004. Her interest and engagement in HIV/AIDS, pro-choice, sex positive as well as affordable housing communities solidified while she was in college, and persist to this day. In her spare time, Heather is working on her thesis for her Masters Degree in Sociology at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

Shelby Knox grew up as a conservative Southern Baptist in Texas turned progressive activist and documentary film subject. She recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Political Science. Throughout her college career, Shelby traveled across the nation to speak to young people about the importance of comprehensive sex education and the power of youth activism, using the film that carries her name, The Education of Shelby Knox, as a vehicle for discussion. She currently lives in New York City and is a full time speaker and organizer working with progressive organizations to promote sex education, women's rights, and youth empowerment.

Elizabeth Ebright grew up in California's Bay Area. She moved to Portland, Oregon to attend Reed College in 2002. Since graduating with a BA in Anthropology, Elizabeth has: led groups for teenage survivors of domestic violence, organized books at the public library and sold alternative menstrual products. Her interests include: learning, music, art where animals wearing clothing is featured prominently, gender studies, road trips, and Anthropological theory.

Erin O'Daniel (a.k.a erhino or pickle) grew up in the midst of white, middle class, privileged chaos. Watching Suburban denial go at Texan emptiness like animals in heat, she started to embrace a different reality and politicize her identity- at 16 as a vegan, feminist organizer in Dallas; next came college and advocating for environmental justice and civic spirituality in Vermont and North Carolina; and most recently defining herself through queer, sex positive art and pro-choice activism in Duluth, MN. In these places, the things that fill her heart have built upon one another and she's fallen in love with bringing people together in political and creative venues. Her challenge through it all has been taking choice beyond white feminism while working to accept who she is. Erin believes in encouraging the expression of our sexual, feminist, artistic, self-defining parts. Her work is to call attention to the fun, adventuresome spirit of sexuality and speak to the deeply-creative, intrinsically brave possibilities that lie within reproductive justice.

Mel Preston is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley and is now working at a small Oakland school as a mental health counselor. She loves living in Oakland and she also loves traveling adventures, chocolate, learning about bodies, and birds. One day Mel would like to write a book or graphic novel, but she doesn't know what it will be about yet. Maybe it will be about her experiences living and learning in far-off places, which is also one of her dreams!

Vanessa Holiday is a student at Indiana University and the president of the IU Women's Student Association. This year, she served as the lead organizer for Take Back the Night and The Vagina Monologues. Vanessa loves reading and listening to podcasts. She also likes taking her bike out for rides around Bloomington or Wabash, wherever she happens to be. She recently bought a used red Schwinn Caliente. Its name is Jims Dean but it goes by Dean.

Megan McKendry is a 21-year-old undergraduate at the University of Illinois studying English Literature and Gender and Women's Studies. Wanderlust will be her introduction to grassroots activism, and she's incredibly excited. Recently, she's become fascinated with community-based theatre as a means of promoting social justice and encouraging dialogue around pressing social issues. As a peer facilitator for a university-sponsored social issues theatre program, she leads post-performance discussions in which audience members sound off about the issues that matter to them. She cannot wait to witness the ways in which amazing activists all over the country are working to protect women's reproductive rights.



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