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Activism 101

PEP has lots of helpful resources on how to get involved with issues you care about. In this section you'll find fact sheets, resources, and links to websites we like. Be sure to check out our database of internships and leadership opportunities for opportunities to get involved with organizations in your area.

Hot Like Fire: Creative Ways to Use PEP's Ads
Check out some of the ways that PEP's ad campaigns have been used to raise awareness about important reproductive justice issues.

Slogans and Message Ideas for Creating Your Own Posters
Feel free to use or modify any of these slogans to make your own posters and banners for marches and demonstrations! They are meant to inspire, so be creative and make a statement!

Broke Organizer's Guide to Working for Reproductive Justice
Just because you're not rolling in cash don't think you can't be an activist for reproductive justice! Check out these suggestions for ways to make a big impact without spending a lot of money.

Using Media As A Reproductive Justice Organizing Tool
by Ariel DoughertyWomen Make Movies
The media is an incredible tool that can be used to influence public opinion. As supporters of reproductive justice, it's up to us to use the media to persuade, inspire, and inform the general public about issues that are important to us.

Getting Their Attention: Organizational Communications 101
Developing a communications plan can help you raise awareness about the issues you care about and make an impact on the people who make decisions.

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Activism 101