August 2009 E-newsletter

What We Wish We Learned in Sex Ed
by PEP Young Women's Leadership Council
Let’s face it – no matter how much sex ed you get, something’s going to come up that you could never have imagined in fifth grade health class. Queefing, anyone? The uber sex educated YWLC and selected PEP staff offer what they wish they had learned in sex ed class:

Perspective from a Sex-Positive Sex Educator
by Tiffany Jules, PEP Young Women's Leadership Council
As a sexual health educator, I am very concerned with the current state of sex education in the United States. Even though there has been a push towards abstinence-only sex education through government sponsored programs; there are a number of organizations fighting for comprehensive sex education for adolescents.

Pro-Sex, Anti-Choice: A New Chapter in the War on Women's Bodies
by Symone New, RRASC InternSupported by the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program
Admittedly, when I think of the word "sexy" the last thing that comes to mind is the GOP. Words and phrases that do come to mind when I think of the Republican Party are sexual repression, anti-choice, Puritanical, outdated, chauvinistic, and theocracy.