February E-newsletter

Ideal vs. Real: What Do I Want Out of a Relationship?
by Tiffany Shavon JulesPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
As I was approaching my birthday this year, I started to think about when I made the conscious decision to compromise regarding my romantic relationships. During middle school, I remember making a detailed list of the qualities that I wanted in my future mate.

Charge to Independence
by Lindsay SwisherPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
It seems as if we've reached a place in life where, for the most part, independent women are recognized and celebrated. Look at women such as Mother Teresa, Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé, and many others. Yet even with these strong role models in our lives, are we prepared to brave the world on our own?

Get With the Program
by Bianca VelezPEP Program Assistant
I’m not a ho, I’m not a slut. I’m not a bitch, nor am I “his bitch”. But I am one of the many American teens whose sexual behavior has been portrayed as “rampant promiscuity”.

What's Your Ideal Date? PEP Council Members and Staff Weigh In.
What's an ideal date? We all have different ideas about what a date means, from spending time with a long-term partner to quality time with ourselves. Here are some different ways that we would construct our ideal dates.

My New Year's Resolution: Practicing Good Consent
by Lani BlechmanPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
This year my new years resolution is to actively practice good consent. (Here's my working definition of consent: making sure it's alright before/during/after you initiate physical or sexual contact.) I didn't hear about consent until I started college a few years ago, but once I did it started changing how I looked at my own sexuality and how I have sex.