December 2008 E-newsletter

Why Obama's Presidential Win Scares Me
by Tiffany JulesPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
As Senator Barack Obama inched closer and closer to winning the US presidential race, I started to become fearful.

Being Black and a Woman: Race, Gender, and Politics
by Nicole ClarkPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
Election 2008 was an electrifying time for all of us. All around me I saw people who were never interested in politics or the election process before becoming excited at the prospect of having a female or a person of color as President.

Florida Joins Other States to Ban Same-Sex marriage
by Nondace GarrettPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
This year's election was historic, to say the least. Those of us who truly believe in equal opportunity have been waiting a long time for this moment, and now that our President-Elect embraces this principle, we can only be hopeful for our future. That is why I feel a little ungrateful for being disappointed with any aspect of this election.

Michigan Chooses to Say Yes
by Willo RadgensPEP Young Women's Leadership Council
Among the many interesting ballot proposals across the country on Election Day this year, my home state of Michigan had one concerning stem cell research.