What We Wish We Learned in Sex Ed

by PEP Young Women's Leadership Council

Let's face it - no matter how much sex ed you get, something's going to come up that you could never have imagined in fifth grade health class. Queefing, anyone? The uber sex educated YWLC and selected PEP staff offer what they wish they had learned in sex ed class:

Willo: I wish I had learned ways to say, "Not yet." When I went through sex education, it was so focused on the scary aspect of not doing it, that I never learned ways to say, "I am not ready for this in our relationship yet." - which is useful even after you've become sexually active.

Lani: I wish I had learned about lube!

Symone: I wish I had learned something other than "Premarital sex can lead to physical and psychological abnormalities". Could you guess that I went to Catholic school?

Nondi: I wish I would have learned (in a practical way) how to put on condoms properly. One demonstration by the instructor wasn't enough. I needed the banana!

Shelby: I wish I had learned the exact location of and operating instructions for my clitoris. It's the key to sexual pleasure for most women and we're left to find it by chance?!

Tiffany: I wish I had learned about body image and the mixed messages conveyed by the media regarding sexuality.

Lindsay: I wish I had learned in my sex ed class communication skills for approaching partners about sexually related topics. My high school skipped the communication part all together!