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This interactive database includes internships, fellowships, conferences, volunteer, and leadership opportunities at reproductive justice and other social justice organizations across the country. You can click on a region to see all the listings for that region or use the drop-down menus to search by location and type of opportunity.

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Atlanta Feminist Women's Health CenterSouth -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care, Advocacy/ Activism)
The Center educates young women about health care issues, conducts public policy and advocacy, and has a good volunteer program with different tasks to choose from. They also offer internships. 
Equality LouisianaSouth -- Leadership Opportunities
This organization is dedicated to providing equality for individuals in all aspects of life, with an emphasis on those people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, or queer. They accept volunteers.
Georgians For Choice (GFC)South -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care, Racial Justice – Women of Color , Social Justice)
GFC is a statewide organization dedicated to fighting for women's health care and race, class, and gender equality in Georgia. They offer numerous internship and volunteer positions.
IpasSouth -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, International)
Based out of North Carolina, this organization actively supports women's health rights and reproductive justice both nationally and abroad. Occasionally accepting interns, Ipas has networks with other countries all over the world, and provides great exposure to trans-national feminist efforts.
National Health Law ProgramSouth -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care, Legal)
Offering part-time internships to help out with ongoing projects, NheLP works to assist low-income families in accessing health-care services. They have an organizing office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
North Carolina Women United (NCWU)South -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice, Advocacy/ Activism)
Fighting for issues of equality on a statewide level, NCWU works on a variety of issues ranging from sexual assault to the homeless. Focused on political activism as well as local community organizing, NCWU works with volunteers regularly.
Sister Love, Inc.South -- Volunteering/Internships
This Georgia-based organization focuses specifically on African-American women who are at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS and other STDs. They rely heavily on volunteers and provide all individuals who want to volunteer with great training workshops on educational outreach and HIV issues.
The Women's CenterSouth -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
Based out of Vienna, Virginia, this Center provides affordable counseling and education to women, families, and girls. Volunteers can assist with programming and administrative duties.
West Virginia Women's Commission (WVWC)South -- Volunteering/Internships
Working to aid women's progress in Virginia through research and legislative actions, WVWC accepts volunteers to help take action in their own communities.
Sister SongSouth -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Racial Justice – Women of Color )
Women of Color Reproductive Rights Collective: This Atlanta-based organization supports local and national grassroots reproductive rights groups and allies that are focused on issues concerning on young women of color.
Georgia Tech Women's Leadership ConferenceSouth -- Conferences
(Reproductive Health, Advocacy/ Activism)
This conference, organized by Georgia Tech University, seeks to empower and educate young women about career building, business, health, and politics through a variety of local speakers and Georgia Tech alumni.
Southern Girls ConventionSouth -- Conferences
(Advocacy/ Activism)
This annual summer convention takes place in the Southern area of the USA, providing young feminist activists with sessions and tools to pursue a variety of issues on a local and national level.
Texas Conference for WomenSouth -- Conferences
(Social Justice)
This annual conference in Austin, Texas aims to empower women to pursue higher education and careers through workshops and stories by such successful women as Melinda Gates and Sarah Ferguson.
Arizona Sexual Assault NetworkSouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice, Human Rights)
This organization identifies and addresses sexual violence issues through a collaborative statewide network, and welcomes the help of volunteers.
Lilith: A Fund for Reproductive EquitySouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Health Care)
Based in Texas, Lilith offers volunteers a variety of positions and experience in helping all women access safe, free abortions.
New Mexico Religious Coalitition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC)Southwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health)
RCRC is a national organization with several branches, focusing on religion and reproductive freedom-a great internship choice for those who want to learn more about the intersection of religion and choice. Volunteer applications are online.
New Mexico's Women Foundation (NMWF)Southwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Human Rights)
Supporting programs that economically aid women and children, NMWF works hard in the rural areas of New Mexico to encourage the development of creative skills amongst women to aid their incomes and independence. Entirely volunteer run, it is always in need of enthusiastic help.
PreHab ArizonaSouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Domestic Violence, Health Care)
Assisting women, children, and families who have experienced homelessness or domestic violence, this organization provides education, counseling, rehabilitation services, and foster care to those who are in need. They accept interns and volunteers and provide a variety of jobs to choose from.
Sojourner CenterSouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Domestic Violence, Health Care)
This Arizona center aids in the empowerment of battered women, by providing them a safe space to live, counseling, childcare, and education. They accept volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks, from administrative to outreach and education programs.
WIMINSouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Communications/Media, Advocacy/ Activism)
WIMIN, who organize WIMINfest every year in Albuquerque, NM, focuses on bringing quality women's culture events to New Mexico, including poetry, music, concerts, theatre, workshops, dances, art shows, and more! They take volunteers to help out with organizing their annual WIMINfest.
Women in Crisis, Inc.Southwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Domestic Violence)
This shelter in Bartlesville, Oklahoma provides victims of domestic violence and sexual assault a safe space for recovery and counseling. They accept volunteers to help out with a variety of their programs, including the Kid's Group, the Crisis Line, and their legal advocacy group.
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